Super Skin Starter Kit

Super Skin Starter Kit

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This deluxe starter kit includes:

  • Youth Infusion Elixir: Clear your skin, smooth texture, and infuse hydration for that dewy glow
  • Super C Elixir: Fade dark spots, rebuild collagen, protect your skin from sun damage and environmental oxidation with this highly potent, fresh elixir of antioxidant rich Vitamin C, with Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid
  • Dermaroller – Your tool for Collagen Induction: Maximize the growth potential of your skin, rebuild collagen and reveal juicy, fresh skin again. The dermaroller will 10x the effectiveness of the serums, and quicken your results

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Janus Blume
No More Senior Dryness!

Amazing, In just few weeks after starting the Youth Infusion Elixir my skin feels like it did twenty years ago. I'm still in the habit of checking the corners of my nose for flakes, but there are never any there!

Kazia Cumbler

So far so great!

Leticia Barth

First time using these serum, and I’m just very impressed how my skin feels!

jazmine T
The starter regime is a perfect link to start my day and end my evening

As I am getting older and living in a sunny location, I noticed my skin getting dull and saggy. I also noticed more sun spots than I was used to. Being unaccustomed to a good skin care regime which included daily care and attention, I would often leave the house without thinking about what was on my face except my simple makeup. My night routine was a simple wash and sometimes some product but not a daily regime, Not a conscious daily routine. Watching Cynthia Lou’s video’s tutorials and her personal regime makes me want to honor my skin routine and do it as a daily self-care practice. Looking at the before and after after using Cynthia Lou Skincare made it evident that I was not using the correct products. Her starter regime is a perfect link to what needs to happen to start my day and end my evening. If I hadn’t found her products and met her and heard her story, I don’t think I would have ever seen that my aging skin had remedies and that there were things that I could proactively do to change my skin and feel better about myself.

My delicate skin LOVES this product

After years of struggling with rosacea and sebhorreic dermatitis, my skin had finally cleared of most symptoms thanks to me cleaning up my diet. But my skin just would not lose that last bit of redness and skin damage no matter what type of product I tried (both super market products and higher end natural foods market products). Just one month with Cynthia Lou's Youth Elixir serum and my skin is noticeably less red and is gently healing. You have one happy customer in me <3