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Hello, I’m Cynthia and I am here to tell you that a lot of what you may have heard about aging is, well, old! Expired.

The more JLo’s, Sofia Vergara’s and Gwen Stefani’s in our midst the more evidence we have that 40 is not what it used to be.

I’m also here to say that you don’t need a massive team of specialists around you, drink water infused with diamonds, or coat your body in liquid gold while being injected with Mayan DNA to achieve the appearance of youthful skin, skin that looks fresh, dewy, and seems to grow YOUNGER every day.

We CAN teach our skin how to grow younger.

I did. Keep scrolling to see the proof (all un-retouched photos)...

When I first saw this photo of myself – a raw, unedited photo from a photoshoot – I was shocked that I looked this way.

“When did I start looking so old?” I thought to myself.

I’d always thought of myself as being a young-looking Asian, relying on the power of genetics to keep me youthful.

But I was wrong.

Left to nature’s “ordinary” course, I aged just like everyone else.

Left alone, my skin showed all the sun damage accumulated from years of spending hours and hours per day in peak sunlight while riding and racing my bike.

Left alone, my skin showed all the evidence of how much I was drinking.

I spent many years drowning in fear and regret (“How could I have left so much on the table when I was young and beautiful, when I was too insecure to make use of my youth?”)

This top photo a photo of me with massive laser burns – burns that did not go away, even with repeated laser treatments and trying toxic ingredients.

I started trying all the everything. I was sold on a laser treatment by a dermatologist who didn't tell me that lasers are not good for people with dark skin. It left me with these burns. I was so embarrassed at the time that I couldn't even take a photo of my whole face. I thought I was being punished for being vain!

Nothing ordinary worked to make the burns go away. Additional laser treatments (given free by the dermatologist to try to fix the damage) made the dark burn marks disappear for a week or so. None of the recommended treatments – by estheticians, dermatologists, the internet, advertising – worked.

It wasn't until I did my own deep research, my own trial and error, that I discovered what finally made these embarrassing marks go away.

Bottom photo: A happy me, October 2017. Same single earring, this time I'm willing to show my face.

Hours and hours of researching and testing and soul searching later, I was able to both reverse the signs of aging AND grow happier and more confident about myself, my choices, and what I REALLY loved to do.

Just as the body knows how to heal a scraped knee or a broken bone, the body knows, BY DESIGN, how to grow fresh, healthy-looking and strong skin.

We just have to teach it how to grow differently.
To gently coax it in the right direction, like training a bonsai tree to grow in its gravity-defying, beautiful ways.

From random, to cultivated.

Similarly, the soul knows its calling, and it knows to use depression as a warning sign for when we fall off course.

We have to learn to build our confidence in order to hear its true voice. Even if you’ve experienced grand confidence in other areas of your life, you know when there is a deeper *something* wanting to be let out.

I’ve helped countless women reverse the signs of aging in their own skin.

I LOVE to see what happens when a woman is able to change the direction of her growth, to see the physical changes in something that we’ve been taught is unchangeable (“this is just what happens when you get older”, “oh, i’m getting old”, “I’m just an old lady I guess”).

This power of change is the gateway attitude towards unlocking the full expression of creative potential.

If it’s not too late to change your skin, it’s not too late to:
– write that book
– start a new career
– stop a stale relationship
– build that online business
– test out a few improve classes…you know, just to see…
– pick up a new instrument
– explore a new city

A woman who is not afraid?
A woman who embodies and inhabits all of her power and her glory, flaws and all?
Watch out world.
Bow down.
She has arrived.