I've been using Cynthia Lou's serums for about two weeks and started noticing the effects after only few applications. My skin texture became so much smoother. My fiance was first to notice the improvement of my skin, and if a man notices the change, it means a lot. These serums are so fresh and potent that I only need to apply a few drops. I am very excited to see my skin respond to skincare products so well.

- Katya A.

“I’ve been using the Cynthia Lou Youth Elixir for 6 weeks now, and I love it! I started seeing and feeling a difference in the first couple of days. In fact, a friend asked what I was doing different for my skin within the first week. My skin is so smooth and soft. My coloring is more even. Because of the rosacea on my cheeks, my skin is super sensitive. I’m usually nervous to try new products. Cynthia recommended the Youth Elixir because of its gentleness. I’ve actually seen my redness calm down, and my skin loves it!”

- Christine K.

As I am getting older and living in a sunny location, I noticed my skin getting dull and saggy. I also noticed more sun spots than I was used to. Being unaccustomed to a good skin care regime which included daily care and attention, I would often leave the house without thinking about what was on my face except my simple makeup. My night routine was a simple wash and sometimes some product but not a daily regime, Not a conscious daily routine. Watching Cynthia Lou’s video’s tutorials and her personal regime makes me want to honor my skin routine and do it as a daily self-care practice. Looking at the before and after after using Cynthia Lou Skincare made it evident that I was not using the correct products. Her starter regime is a perfect link to what needs to happen to start my day and end my evening. If I hadn’t found her products and met her and heard her story, I don’t think I would have ever seen that my aging skin had remedies and that there were things that I could proactively do to change my skin and feel better about myself.  

- Jazmine R.

“Cynthia's serums have been a great replacement for all my other skin care products. After using her products for less than a year, I have noticed that my skin has become much softer. I had a very uneven complexion with age spots....this product has definitely helped to make those dark spots fade and has given my skin a more smooth appearance.”

- Rachel L.

“I have been using Cynthia's serums for few months now and i LOVE it. I remember that day when after just maybe a week or so of using Youth elixir and Super C, people started telling me that my skin is glowing. I could see it too. I have never used a dermaroller before but Cynthia introduced me to this amazing skin care and i totally see the result. Finally i found the way how i can keep my skin looking young longer! Did you Cynthia's face? Her face looks like a teenage girl)) I know that i can fully trust her products because she is the best proof that they work! Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gifts!"

- Galina S.

"I have always loved skin care, yet, I haven't come to a place where I've found it reasonable to take out a small loan for fine skin care, which as we know, is quite possible with existing price points and for the results we want! I am completely convinced I am receiving such excellent results with the combination of dermarolling once a week along with the Youth Infusion Elixir for daytime and Super C Elixir for night, that these products are priceless! Yet miraculously, they are sensible price points. My skin has evened out in tone and texture and is stronger. The whole process of using the products is a delight. I look forward to using them each day and night. The Youth Infusion Elixir is filled with beautiful ingredients, and the Super C Elixir feels zesty and fresh after a nice session of awaking my skin with dermarolling. Cynthia Lou is a new treasure that anyone who loves self care would discover as a secret weapon in their beauty arsenal. I am glowing thanks to the products and education of Cynthia Lou Skin Care!"

- Sarah C.

“My sister said, “Your skin looks good!” – and I wasn’t wearing makeup.At work when I have my makeup on people say, “You look good!” I like that”

- Blanca C.

“After the first application of Cynthia’s wonderful skin care my skin felt amazingly soft and silky smooth. After using her products I didn’t want to wear makeup again!”

- Alisa L.

You are my go-to lady for everything skin. You are a genie and a genius. And the genius part is in many departments!

- Lia FA.

I love these products. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin and am happy to purchase more in the future.

- Amber B.